A Security Driven Mindset in DevOps - Global Edition

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From the comfort of your own home, relax, and connect with us as we launch another of our virtual webinars in our new webinar series. In this episode we will touch on 'A Security Driven Mindset in DevOps: Global Edition' taking place on the 15th of July.

A panel discussion that will cover security within DevOps and development. How are things evolving from traditional security and where does the role of a DevSecOps engineer fit? Talks will focus on the challenges and successes that industry professionals have experienced and focus on what is the correct mindset to have when thinking about security.

Join us for another engaging webinar with the opportunity to listen and learn from our engaging panel with a live Q&A, lead by market-leading experts; giving you unique insights on topics of the day.

8.00 - 8.45 - Panel Discussion
8.45 - 9.00 - Live Q&A
9.00 - 9.30 - Networking

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Networking Link:

- Oliver Perry - Brand Ambassador & Host at Women in DevOps
- Caroline Shouraboura - DevSecOps Engineer at Intuit
- Didar Gelici - DevSecOps Enthusiast and Cyber Risk Manager
- Catherine Lagarde - DevSecOps Engineer at CloudReach
- Nadeem Augustine - COO at Amarico
- Aaron Ansari - Vice President at Trend Micro

Oliver Perry
Oliver has nearly six years in working with Engineering, Cloud and DevOps talent, initially operating in the UK and now for the last year being based in Dublin and operating more broadly across Europe.
Oliver is a Women in DevOps Ambassador, with his aim to raise awareness across our Irish and European communities.

Caroline Shouraboura
Caroline Shouraboura currently works at Intuit as a DevSecOps engineer on the Adversary Management team in San Francisco. Her role is to use data and develop machine learning algorithms to deeply understand Intuit’s adversaries by modeling their patterns and creating automated alerts on their targets. When she is not writing code, Caroline is passionate about teaching developers to think Security-First and has worked with teams across Intuit to train them to “shift-left” with security.

Didar Gelici
Didar is a DevSecOps enthusiast and Cyber Risk Manager by day. Didar has 12 years of experience within her field having previously focused on IT audit, infosec risk, governance.

Catherine Lagarde
Catherine Lagarde is a DevSecOps Engineer from Edinburgh, Scotland, who is currently working for Cloudreach. She has 5 years of experience in the security industry, specialising in areas such as security incident response, threat, and vulnerability management for the cloud, customer engagement, and continuous improvement. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Cybersecurity and Forensics from Edinburgh Napier University and other technical certifications.

Nadeem Augustine
Nadeem is the Chief Operations Officer at Amarico. Americo enables enterprise agility through certified training and coaching with an extended consulting offering. Nadeem spent many years learning, practicing, and enhancing his craft within various industry leaders in Telecommunications, Digital Services, and Insurance. His expertise leading in DevOps and enterprise agility sets him apart from his peers and competitors.

Aaron Ansari
Aaron brings practical knowledge which allows him to deliver tailored solutions for his clients. This knowledge comes from over a decade as a security practitioner in the Financial Services vertical. At BMW Financial Services, Aaron served as the Chief Security Architect. He oversaw development and application of IS application security policies, standards, and guidelines. He managed compliance across the BMW & also served as a subject matter expert ensuring vendors & partners maintained BMW’s practices.

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