WIGeh: Lighting Talks Inaugural Event @ A Thinking Ape!


WIGeh is excited to introduce: Lightning Talks!

A pilot event designed to get more people from diverse backgrounds front and center speaking about their passion, their achievements and their insights working in games.

Our wonderful speakers for the inaugural event will be:
Eva Toker - Creative Director
Agnes Lau - Producer at Phoenix Labs
Mia Tarzwell - QA and DevOps Manager at Relic Entertainment
Speaker 4 TBC

Speaker diversity at conferences is on the global agenda for improvement, and WIGeh is doing our bit to provide a platform for new speakers, seasoned speakers with new topics to present, and everyone in between.

Each event will showcase a series of awesome people from the Vancouver games industry delivering 5-10 minute talks to inspire and inform. And who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself signing up as a speaker for the next one?

Big thanks to Gold Sponsor Hyper Hippo Entertainment for their contribution towards this event and our other group activities.

We also couldn't do this without our ever gracious hosts A Thinking Ape; thanks for carving out some room for us to try out this new format!

*Interested in volunteering to help with this event?*
Volunteering will guarantee you a saved space, and you’ll get plenty of time to mix and mingle before or after your volunteer duties. Head to our Volunteer page to find out more and get in touch: https://womeningamesvancouver.com/volunteer

Attendance Notes:

This event is open to individuals of any gender identity.

Code of Conduct:
By Attending this event, you agree to adhere to WIGeh’s code of conduct, which you can find at https://womeningamesvancouver.com/code-of-conduct

This event will be photographed. By attending you consent to the terms laid out at https://womeningamesvancouver.com/photography-release. We understand that some of our members may not be comfortable having their photo taken, and we don’t want this to stop anyone from attending. If you have concerns, please approach our photographer when you arrive to arrange an accommodation. For additional information, see https://womeningamesvancouver.com/photography-policy.