• Big Data in the Cloud

    Cloudreach Munich

    Have you ever wondered how Google Search Engine could query billions of webpages in a matter of milliseconds? What are the innovative technologies behind Amazon shopping experience? How does Microsoft software serve millions of users? One thing they have in common is the use of Cloud technology. The rise of Cloud technology has been a crucial facilitator of Big Data adoption. For the scalability, flexibility and near-infinite computing power, public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services(AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, enable data storage, processing & analysis at scale, and possibly at even a lower cost. This meet-up,hosted by Cloudreach, consists of two parts. In the first half, you will learn about how Cloudreach engineers use public cloud services to augment Big Data solutions; and in the second half, you will have the opportunity to have a fireside chat with special guests followed by a networking reception. Agenda: 18:30 Doors open - Registration & Welcome Reception 18:45 'How to build a Serverless ETL pipeline in Azure' - Gabriel Filip Cloud System Developer at Cloudreach Gabriel will walk us through the steps to design ETL pipelines based on best practices and build them using Azure DevOps and basic Azure Functions to extract, transform and load the data from one data source to another. 19:05 'Time travelling in data science' - Gabriele Alberti, Senior Cloud System Developer at Cloudreach This presentation will bring us on a journey about data science developments. Gabriele will present the various approaches to data science and the challenges that come with it. On the second part of his presentation he will discuss machine learning techniques and when (not) to use it 19:25 'Data Analytics in AWS' - Genta Roko, Cloud Data Engineer at Cloudreach An overview on how to design data analytics environment in AWS according to best practices. Keywords here are Data Storage, ETL pipelines, Querying and Visualisation 19:45 Break - food & drinks 20:15 Panel Discussion: Women in IT Panelists: Monica (Klimas) Quintino - System Business Analyst at Allianz Technology Monica studied law in Brazil and started her career as a claim specialist/claims lawyer in the insurance field. Three years ago she changed to software development and works currently as a business analyst for IT projects at Global Digital Factory, Allianz Technology. Shihmin Chang - Cloud Engagement Manager at Cloudreach Shihmin majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science(EECS) and holds an M.A. in Literature. She started working as a project manager at a hardware manufacturer for consumer electronics, then fell in love with the innovative energy of telecommunication, media and technology sector. In addition to her daily job as a PM, she also volunteers at ReDI school and published her first translation book (German to traditional Chinese) in 2018. Erica Pescio - Forward Deployed Software Engineer at Splunk Despite being fascinated by images and graphic design, she got her M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering and joined the wild world of software development. After having developed her expertise in the aviation industry as well as in European funded projects, Erica is currently trying to keep these two realms around at Splunk as Forward Deployed Software Engineer (FDSE). When not busy building prototyped solutions, complex workflows and data integrations - you can find her traveling, riding her bicycle and shooting pictures. Separately or simultaneously. Genta Roko -Cloud Data Engineer at Cloudreach Working in Cloudreach for almost 3 years initially as a Cloud System Engineer and later as a Cloud Data Engineer. Certified for AWS, Azure and GCP and worked on different projects like Data Lake, CI/CD, Migration, Governance etc.Previously a full stack software developer and graduated in a 3-master degree in Service Engineering. 20:45 Networking

  • Code For Fun

    Landsberger Str. 300

    Come and join us to participate in the first of many Code For Fun workshops organised in conjunction with Cloudreach! Whether you are a beginner with no prior programming knowledge, or an experienced software developer who wants to improve your skills, this session will group learners and mentors to cater for aspiring developers or developers of all levels. We'll be using python - one of the most in-demand programming languages in the industry, popular for use in web development, machine learning, data science, and cloud infrastructure. You'll work with mentors to solve different level of challenges or to learn the basics by building text based games such as Tic Tac Tow, Hangman, Rock Paper Scissors and more. Your mentors will cater the complexity of the coding activities to your level and guide you throughout the evening. Please bring a laptop and a charger. Agenda 6pm - Doors open & Registration. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the evening. If you have any special dietary requirements, let us know. 6:30pm - The fun starts 7:30pm - Break 7:45pm - The fun continues 8:30pm - Networking & drinks On the day, we'll form groups of the following levels: - Beginners: No programming experience required, just willingness to learn. If you are a beginner we'll be using Google Colab for this workshop so you'll need either a google or github account (message me if you have any questions). - Intermediate: You have some experience in python or any other programming language. - Experienced: You have at least 1 year experience in a professional context using python. Please let us know which level you think you would prefer when signing up! If you are unsure, let us know. EVERYONE is welcome to attend. --------------------------- Cloudreach is the leading provider of software-enabled cloud services, and have empowered some of the largest and best known enterprises in the world to realise the benefits of the cloud. They believe diversity and individuality lead to better decision-making, improved problem solving, greater creativity and innovation.