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This group is for women working in leadership roles ages around 25-35! I want a cool and fun but inspiring group of new friends plus a supportive and lifting network. They say your friends are what shape you the most in life and that you need to be going out at least once a week to maintain mental and emotional health, but our career aspirations shouldn’t go to the wayside either, so let’s achieve a win-win here!
If you’re a boss lady or on your way there but also like to have fun or want a place to go vent and cool off and kick back and just be yourself judgement free, come around!
Venues will typically be at restaurants and bars and occasional hikes until we get a regular group going and then we can branch out and invite everyone into our homes and travel to other countries and etc... this can be a life changing group if we want it to :)).

(This group isn’t necessarily closed to men or significant others of members - the title is just for the preference and focus.)
*Don’t hesitate to reach out

Stay golden ✨

Sara S

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