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The Women in Tech Regatta is an international event series in Seattle, Vancouver and Amsterdam.

The Regatta is a curated collection of events, workshops and conversations designed to connect women in tech to mentors, peers, resources and to the power of community. We will dwell in the realm of what’s possible, rather than simply what is.

WiT Regatta is an inclusive event. Regardless of your area(s) of expertise, all genders and career levels are welcome and encouraged to participate.

This week is about tapping into our dynamic, talented community. We’ll come together to amplify careers, actualize goals, define the future of tech and blow our own minds.

“We at The WiT Regatta passionately believe in the power of community and strive to build new connections in our ever-growing ecosystem. We will provide a powerful week brimming with opportunities to build your tribe and buoy your spirit, no oars required. Our goal is for everyone to be seen, heard and to walk away from this week with new ideas and relationships. ”

-Melody Biringer, Connection Engineer | WiT Regatta Founder and Producer

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