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You are receiving this invitation because you are a woman of color who is fabulous, fierce, fly, funny (at least one of these) and in her 50s! We will document the beauty and coming of age of 50 women of color in a photo project entitled 50.On.Fire that will result in a coffee table book! This project is being spearheaded by photographer K.Fox-White who turned 50 this year. We started North in DC and are heading South! It’s been LIT!

If you’re in your 50s, no doubt you've been fired up by or about something. Passion. Holy Ghost. Work. Hot flashes. Injustice. Inequality. Kids. Husbands. Boyfriends. Losers. Winners. FIRE, honey bunches, FIRE. It’s been fabulous, and it’s been funked up, but our stories are ours and we own them. We press on. We overcome. We do the damn thing, and the fact that we’re still here means we have more to do and should be living our best lives. We are 50.On.Fire!

Photo Shoot Date
Saturday, November 24, 2018 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Women will be photographed in all red - your choice of outfit to reflect your personality.

$75 which includes make-up and shoot
Purchase of the coffee table book when complete will be optional and is not required to participate. Participants will receive complimentary images from their individual photo shoot.

Location will be provided to confirmed participants

Next steps:
Only 15 women will be confirmed for the experience. ONLY if interested, RSVP here and send the organizer a private message with phone number and email for payment instructions ($75). To be confirmed, payment must be received no later than Friday, November 16th.

Join this epic photo project to show the world that #50isthenew50 ('cause we don’t want to be 30 again), and that women of color in their 50s are on FIRE!

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