What we're about

Women of the Always is a group for women only.

It was created as a way to form community, to gather together women who are passionate, fierce and courageous. Women who want to explore, study and discuss their own innate wisdom. We've often been disconnected from it because it's been hidden, forbidden, and in some cases, all but forgotten.

Our Connection With The Moon. The nature of the moon is dark. She doesn't shine, she reflects and there are times during every month when the moon is dark in the night sky, reflecting nothing, just being herself. As women, our connection with the moon is ancient and primal and we remember in our bodies what it's like to be ourselves, to go inside and listen to our bodies wisdom and to our ancestral wisdom.

• Lively discussions, usually controversial

• Thought-provoking questions designed to inspire

• Sharing of food and drink

• Building meaningful connections and lasting friendships

• Creating sacred altars

• Exploring ways to return the sacred feminine into our daily spiritual practices

• Enjoying rituals

• Guided meditations

I charge for gatherings because of the nature and content and the amount of work and preparation I put into each one of them.

You must be willing to explore, question and participate in discussions of topics that are challenging and perhaps disturbing and most definitely politically incorrect.

I create a safe circle in which this can occur as well as a place where you can bring your own questions and feelings. Many women who have come to these circles have expressed how happy they are to have a safe space to talk about and discuss things they feel but never want to share.

Please note that I market these gatherings in a variety of places so the count here on meetup may not reflect the actual number of women attending. I also feature other events on the site that I think might be interesting to the women who are members here.

If you want to know about me and the work I do, visit my website: IngridKincaid.com (http://www.ingridkincaid.com/dark-moon-wisdom.html) or Women of the Always (http://www.Womenofthealways.com)

Ingrid - Wise & Irreverent - Changing Lives With Ancient Wisdom - Remembering Our Heritage - Healing Our Ancestral Grief

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