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Are you looking for a positive change in your life? This 'Positive Change Workshop' is a place for women to get together on a regular basis, where we look for the things that are good in our lives. What's working? What's not? What can we do, and what mindset can we have to stay encouraged, uplifted, reaching for positive outcomes and forward-motion? What easy steps can be taken to help get us there?

Come explore small changes we can make in our day-to-day lives, learn some easy tools to improve our quality of life, bring more joy to ourselves, to others, and to expect miracles!

If The Purpose of This Group Resonates With You - We'd love To Meet You!

Here's one exercise we'll do (or continue working on):
"Often, there's a lot going on in the background of our minds. Many things we don't even stop and notice. To get an idea of where our thoughts are a lot of the time, let'sl each make a list - Let's take 5 minutes to really notice some of the thoughts almost running in the background when we get quiet. Thoughts that are worried, fearful, the 'what ifs' or negative and judgmental thoughts about ourselves or others. Write freely, unedited, the uncensored version of your own 'mind dialog' we'll call it.

Of course, there'll also be happy and positive thoughts, though for this exercise we're going to try to capture, like in a butterfly net, those that fly around inside of us that could be stopping us from reaching our goals or living with the sort of joy or 'miracle-mindedness' we all deserve!

And, if you don't think you deserve, there's a good chance these thoughts are what keeps that belief going!

Bring a pen and paper and let's dive-in so we can root-out what's not working for us anymore, and replace it with some easy steps for positive change!

Again, If The Purpose of This Group Resonates With You - We'd love to see you there!

All the best to you,


Jessica Hritz Morrick

Heartfelt Next-Level Coaching


‘20 years experience helping people find Happiness & Solutions’

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