What we're about

We hold meetings centred on spirituality, relationship, parenting and entrepreneurship. Women seeking to learn the art of relationship building. Women seeking to learn how to strike a balance in their many realities.
Women who are entrepreneurs and career oriented. Women of every facet are welcome to join.

Women on the Cutting Edge will meet in November in an interactive, dynamic and stimulating setting.

*Anticipate a time of wonder, love, connection, fun and slayage*

Who is a Woman on the Cutting Edge?

A woman on the cutting edge is a woman at the forefront and also one in the background. She is aware that every position she holds is necessary and people depend on her, whether it takes her to the forefront or puts her in the background, so she manages it well. She is a solution provider and whenever she opens her mouth, words of wisdom are spilled.

Believe it or not, our world is starved of such women; very few of them exists. This world is rather filled with women who are popular not for the impact that they command, but for the shape of their nose, the length of their legs and the colour of their skin. Never again! For as the water covers the sea, that's how we, women on the cutting edge will fill the earth.

The Wombmen charge.

They climb barricades. Nothing stops them.

Each wombman does whatever assignment she has been given

so disciplined, so determined.

They do not get in each other’s way.

They are not envious of one another

Each one knows her job and does it.

Undaunted and fearless,

unswerving, unstoppable, that's who they are. (Joel 2:7-11)

This is the army of women that God is raising in this generation. Are you ready to come on this boat?! Join me and a host of Wombmen.

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Wombmen|The Story of Underdogs

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