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I'm at a point in my life that I'm preparing to buy real estate and my situation seems identical to so many other women in my life; educated professional with decent credit score and income but single. Alone we qualify for so little.
But together we are a force.
My hope is to meet other women interested in cooperatively purchasing a piece of land that we can each build our individual home on. Building a home is So much cheaper, it's the Land that costs us so much so why not work together?!

**Note that I'm glossing over details/hurdles in the following description because we won't know exactly what hurdles different configurations of women will encounter. This description is to provide the broad strokes and then we'll work out the details Together.**

This group will focus on connecting women to one another. Women that are ready to buy, ready to get ready, or already own and want to explore better housing options. For those that have the down payment but bad credit, for those with great credit and no down payment, those rocking everything but still only qualifying for less than what they'd prefer.

An example of my dream is two acres and 4 - 8 women (singles and/or couples) building homes in different corners and shared space for community gathering, gardens, and children's play areas in the middle.
Lets say the land will cost $300k, divided 6 ways we'd each be on the hook for $50k. A new home could be built for less than $150k. Which means my $200k loan would get me a brand new home within a community of women.
Versus me scouring Redfin/Zillow/etc for options within a $200k budget that aren't covered in black mold and in a cruddy neighborhood.... Cooperative purchasing power sounds like the only logical choice for me. What about you?

My hope is to put together a network and spreadsheet where we can connect people that have shared interests / plans / financial outlooks / etc. For example, having a large garden space is paramount for me so if you don't want to pay for land that will in part be used for this then you would want to connect with someone that feels the same way. Maybe there's only two couples and they go in on a small duplex. Maybe you have small children and want to be certain that your community consists of other young families. The options are endless.

Lets work together!!!

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