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This is a group for any women like me that is over 50 and has spent a life time battling weight issues and related poor self esteem and wants to get healthy and active once and for all and along the way meet new friends that can relate to the same lifelong struggles. I am looking for new friends that want to come along and join me in my year long transformation process. I have lost weight many times before, only to gain it back because I have always done it without a strong support group. I would like to explore all the areas in the Metro area to take walks and get healthier, while also learning more about each other and the struggles that have held each of us back in the past from achieving our best selves.

From Debbie:

I joined this group when Pat started it last year and thought that it was a wonderful idea and yes-a possible transformation for so many people. It is a theme that resonates through my life also and I know that I need support in order to be successful. Let's plan on starting meetups after the holidays and share ideas until then. The group became very large-84 people. Let me know if you are still interested. I'm thinking that if the interest is as large as it was last year that we can have several leaders based upon geographic areas. Hope you're still there too Pat and thanks for the wonderful ideas.

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Let's Plan for 2019 Year of Transformation (date change)

• What we'll do Let's get to know each other and make a plan for this year. Let's talk about how best to support each other this year. There are some members who live a fair distance from others so I would like to talk about setting up support pairings for members who wish to participate in talking on the phone regularly to a partner to support each other in achieving goals. Think about what your goals are and how often and where you would like to meet. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Wash Perk is close to Washington Park so if people want to take a walk after we can do that. • What to bring Depending on the weather and if you want to walk after wear walking shoes, bring sunscreen and water bottles and warm clothing if necessary. • Important to know The walk after is optional. The important part of the meet-up is that we get to know each other and make a plan for this year. If we have a large group, we'll make every effort to hold the meeting to about an hour and a half so that we'll be able to have a walk after-weather permitting.

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