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Hi! I’m Jess, and I wanted to try something out. I’m a strong, independent, creative, and curious woman, out here in Montreal trying to save my social life. This meetup is for kickass women who know who they are, but like a lot of us, are still struggling to find their place, people, or purpose, and who want a place to come together to meet other women, and just shoot the shit and maybe come up with some great ideas, plans, movements, projects, or jokes together, and maybe all of the above. I’m 36, I’m really into the arts, social justice, environmental issues, horticulture, and living simply, and well. I’m looking for other awesome women that I can chill and build with. I’m tired of trying to do it all alone, and am exhausted of Social media being my biggest outlet for connecting. I miss real life experiences with real people, on a meaningful level, and I wanted to light a fire, get brave, and reach out, in the hopes of building a community around myself, of cool friends, co-conspirators and compadres. If this also sounds like you, and you’re brave enough to try this with me, please accept my invitation for supper Chez moi, you contribute, I’ll cook (menu tbd after input from you) and I’ll gladly set you a place at my table. This is a safe space of course, but not a therapy group. If you come, just come with all your best, even if you feel you’re not at your best. We all deserve to feel confident and welcome, and I firmly believe in lifting one another up in life, or inspiring eachother to choose the bright side, though no subject is taboo. I’m really looking forward to meeting you. Come as you are. Let’s eat, and talk about anything we want, and hopefully become great friends. As a disclaimer, I cuss like a sailor, and I don’t believe in small talk, but I’m also super open, warm, a great listener, kinda hilarious, and honest, so if you can deal with all of that, be my guest. À bientôt!

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Potluck Arts

Rue Villeray

So, after such a great first meetup, and after thinking on possibilities, details and where I want to keep heading with this group, I’m curious who might be interested in coming for a potluck supper, combined with an arts theme. I’m thinking a very relaxed night, with homemade food, and potentially live music, literature, spoken word, or any form of sharing artfully, whether it’s story, drawing, music, painting, makeup, or artful discussion, etc. More specifically, creative discussion, and discussion about creativity. By us, for us. Not mandatory to contribute art though, you can come enjoy, and chat too. Maybe it’s a chance for bravery though;) In my own life, it’s become the most important thing, to explore and indulge my creative side. I write poetry, cook, garden, and love music, film, and creating a space. If you’re into this, hit attend on the event, and I’ll see you then🌸 May the 4th be with us;) Feedback is awesome too. So leave some if you want:) Cost is $2, payable at the door.

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Roast Chicken and Introductions

Rue Villeray

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