What we're about

What we're about

Stories. Our past, and how it shapes how we approach and interact with daily life.

We cannot, at this moment in time, change what has happened in our lives. Our stories have shaped our view of the world and where we have placed ourselves within it. Our stories (the past) has created various filters through which each of us views our circumstances, both past, and current. No one in the world views life as you do. It is a very personal journey along which few have been able to make sense of -IF we even attempt to take notice. The way we interact or choose not to interact is strongly influenced by our past.

Many feel lost, or have a sense of "what now?" There HAS to be more to life than this!! Some find that they feel stuck, unable to change certain aspects of their lives. Seemingly doomed to continue on an unfulfilling road that doesn't bring them happiness, or inspiration. The patterns developed thus far keeps us where we are, even if we wish for something better, more fulfilling.

We ALL have a story.

This is a safe place to tell your story. We ALL have a story. Even if you have a thought that no one would be interested in your story or that you don't have a story, you couldn't be farther from the truth. EVERYONE has a story. You don't have to tell your story to anyone out loud. Simply telling yourself the story, and then changing the way you respond to that story, will help you in so many ways to gain control over your life. You now have the ability to respond to the inner dialog in a different way, a life-changing, positive way.

Believe it or not, all too often, if our story goes untold, it holds us back. When your story is hidden, it prevents you from stepping into your true power. It keeps you "in your place". It controls you. When we speak our story, we release its hold on us. We begin to grow back our wings. We begin to lean into our dreams. This is what WomenSpeak: Inspiring Herstory is all about. Creating a safe, confidential space where women can begin to take back their dreams, to take back their sense of purpose. This is a place where women can support other women. No judgement, no condescending attitudes. If you have been searching for a way to get involved, to become a part of something much bigger, then this is the group for you!!! Non-religious, non-therapy based support for women who are looking for that catalyst they need to make things happen!

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