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Apply & Get your Advisor! 1:1 w Bill Strauss, Founder- ProFlowers (Due 2/15)

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Dear Women Startup Lab members,

What an opportunity!

Get Bill Strauss, Founder & Former CEO of ProFlowers

(sold for $477MM) to be on your Advisory Board!!

As a part of our Eco-System offering, we are bringing an industry leader & advisor for you to potentially meet, pitch your startup, and discuss the opportunity with him in an intimate meeting on Feb 22th. The meeting will be scheduled between 9-3pm.

RSVP to this event,
Apply Here (
Due by 2/15/13.
Why this is a GREAT opportunity for you??
Having a great advisor on your board could make a huge difference to your company's success.
Advisors can add tremendous credibility, visibility & exposure that your company needs to march ahead. Additionally a person like Bill Strauss can be a great CEO coach/mentor.He is a strategic thinker and a well connected leader.
After reviewing the application (due by 2/14) & If he is interested, we will offer an introduction & intimate meeting with Bill . You too will have to opportunity to interview him and explore potential synergies.
Who is he?
Bill Strauss, Founder & Former CEO of
He is excited about Women Startup Lab's vision, and very supportive of women's leadership in the start-up industry.
Bill Strauss was founder, CEO and President of (founded in April, 1998). ProFlowers was founded to solve a specific problem: Americans wanted to buy flowers more often but did not because of their high price and short vase life. To address those issues, ProFlowers made a strategic decision to use then-emerging Internet technology not only to sell direct but to ship direct to consumers. The company’s proprietary e-commerce platform eliminated middlemen and provided customers with direct access to the world’s best growers. While other dot-coms have come and gone, ProFlowers has experienced consistent growth over the past ten years from zero to almost $500 million in annual revenue.
The company’s innovative business model allowed customers to receive a higher quality, fresher product at a lower price point, while growers received significant benefits through improved profitability. ProFlowers was named Internet Start-Up of the Year by the San Diego Software Industry Council (SDSIC) in 1999. CEO Bill Strauss won the 2000 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. As the customer base grew, so did the company, expanding from a small start up staff to more than 400.
In 2003, the company changed its name to Provide Commerce, Inc. and went public on NASDAQ. In 2006, Liberty Media Corporation (NASDAQ: LINTA, LCAPA) ("Liberty") purchased Provide Commerce for $477 million.
Bill has had considerable experience as an innovative leader of high-growth initiatives at other companies prior to ProFlowers, dating back to the early 1990s. During a three-year stint as VP of operations for Hanover Direct, he restructured this massive catalog company to support 300 percent increase in revenues, from $250 million to $1 billion annually. Bill served on the senior management team that rebuilt ChipSoft's infrastructure to support a growth in annual revenues from $50 million to $750 million over a five-year period. Bill has a bachelor's degree in accounting from Syracuse University.
How does this work??
RSVP to this event posting. Apply by Feb 15th. link to apply ( We will select 8-10 companies, and you'll be notified by Feb 19th.
Have a one-on-one meeting with Bill on Feb 22th, between 8am-3pm Make your Pitch! He'll learn about you and your company and you will get to know him too. It will be an exploratory and supportive meeting for both of you. You will take it from there!
Due Date: Feb. 15, 8pm Acceptance email back to you by the end of Feb. 19th.

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