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The main reason computers exist is to compute, to complete mathematical equations. Programming languages provide a method for us to tell the computer what we want to compute. There are several common aspects of programming languages that will be covered that provide more insight into how your computer operating system works. We will learn the basics of the programming language called python and how to install the environment to write, run, and debug our own code. Python is a commonly used and powerful object-oriented programming language that introduce necessary, foundational skills into the programming and software development world. The goal of this workshop is to provide an introduction to computer programming and the endless possibilities it creates.

Girls who would like to attend the workshop - Fill out the official registration form here: https://cyberjutsu.wufoo.com/forms/cyberjutsu-girls-academy-application/

Adults who would like to volunteer - Fill out the volunteer form here: https://cyberjutsu.wufoo.com/forms/volunteer-application/ (Note: You do not have to pay to attend the workshop as a volunteer.)