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Earthy Erotica is a monthly event of sensual and spiritual arts for women based on nature, moon cycles, and mythology. These ongoing gatherings are open to female identified people who are interested in bridging Pagan mythology with using our bodies as tools for ritualistic sex magic. Every month we will gather on various Fridays from 7pm-10pm and learn about ancient earth-based lore. Some of what we will learn about is:

* what each moon of the month represents in relation to nature and our psyche
* honoring and learning about various goddess deities connected to the season
* using various plants, yummy vegetables, and fruits in ceremony
* invoking songs and prayers at the outdoor medicine wheel
* asking a question that is pertinent to our lives in relation to the moon and season
* create a self pleasuring ritual, held in a private, discreet, and sacred container (this is not for show, everyone who participates wears a blindfold/eye mask and earplugs so they can go deeper into their own experience. This is done similarly to a medicine journey which is about each individual's private encounter. And there is no pressure to engage in this piece either, a simple hand on heart-and-yoni is perfectly acceptable as well :).
* writing down what messages we may have attained during our self pleasuring ritual
* closing the container with heart shares and a delicious raw-vegan dessert

OUR PURPOSE: These gatherings are being created with the intention of bridging together earth based spirituality with the power of female sexuality. In classic paganism, humans honored nature cycles with a connection to both plants and flesh, and various rituals around sexuality were done all over the world in a variety of cultures. Some of these practices have been lost over the years due to the rise of patriarchy and organized religion. With these gatherings, our intention is to bring back conscious sacred connections to the female body in a lovely container. And at the end of a full year, we will be taking the teachings of what we learned and turn it into our very own personal We-Moon calendar for each year that follows.

Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful faces soon!

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