What we're about

In many ways the Women’s Legacy Project is about a point in time and the women who live in this nexus that connects awareness, challenges, and technology at this tipping point in human history and our planet’s life.

Women who are old enough to be untethered from the daily demands of rearing offspring, and who are ingenious enough or wealthy enough to be geographically mobile, or savvy enough follow information highways and paths to trends around the world know that something is brewing in women’s culture. This make me want to yell out, “Coffee’s ready!”

What I’m hearing different groups and quite distinct types of women say, include:

- gender equality is at the core of sustainable development
- the feminine divine is the path forward
- women’s voices are the keys to freedom

Today’s women who are old enough to remember the last century know that women’s roles have expanded, but we all know that equity has not improved and has actually worsened for many during the last decades. The one area that has improved is global communication. There is still an information divide, and there are information deserts, but communication is much easier across a distance.

The first generation of digital grandmothers is right here, right now. Not everything is rosy, but women of a certain age are sage individuals and information archival and retrieval experts, for families, communities, and now for the global community. This really is changing everything!

Some of the best tools you might discover on your legacy journey may well be what other women know and share.

As I always say, “Information flows toward freedom.”

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