What we're about

Womens London Sacred Sexuality

This group is for all women from all walks of life and sexual preferences who:

- have been abused, and/or

- were brought up in environment where sex and sexuality was taboo and you were made to feel of guilty; and/or

- have just pushed their sexual femininity into the background, and now want to reconnect with their sexual essence.

When we meet up we will spend some time sharing our stories. However for the majority of our time together we will work on freeing the mind and bodies of negative memories using:

- meditation;

- ancient massage techniques,

- self massaging with mindfulness

- energy techniques

We will enthusiastically explore and celebrate in a safe and supportive female environment the essence of what makes us a woman.

A bit about abut me

As a child I was sexually and physically abused. I attended a Roman Catholic school which crammed my mind with guilt about sex. These two factors made it very difficult for me to relate on any level with men or to have stable relationships.

To assist my healing, I tried the traditional routes and had sessions with various councillors. I also read tons of self–help books. While I did gain some relief from these methods, I found I couldn't free myself of the feelings of guilt and shame or surrender to the bliss of my body.

I decided this could not continue. So I embarked on a quest to find a way of:

- reconnecting to my sexual essence and

- experience my natural body responses

without the guilt and fear which accompanied my memories of abuse and which had been stalking me most of my life.

In my research I learnt that my body as well my mind was holding onto the negative memories. So I explored mind-body-energy practices: both the ancient such as Reiki and the pioneering such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping). The results I achieved with these practices were significant so much so, I undertook practitioner training in them.

Then, six years ago I discovered Tantric massage. The tested and proven strategies I learnt and experienced provided the explosive breakthrough I had been searching for over 20 years. After some hands-on healing and meditation, I was able to feel the natural sexual energy within my body and I had an orgasm through my own sexual energy and not through my fantasies. I have now learnt be a multi-orgasmic woman. I have found that Tantric massage releases profound energy which lifts off the layers of hurt and shame as it gently heals the mind and body.

I went on to became a practitioner in Tantric massage and have been teaching for 4 years through groups and as a private practitioner.