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The Women’s National Book Association was established in 1917 and celebrated the organization’s centennial in 2017 with a series of literary events nationwide, a publication celebrating the history of women in the world of books, a list of 100 essential books by women authors, and a grant to a non-profit literacy organization—culminating in a gala celebration in October 2018 where the next WNBA Award winner will be honored.

The WNBA-SF chapter is a vibrant, broad-based group of women founded in 1968 by Effie Lee Morris, a Black educator, activist, and librarian. Our members are women in the "world of words" who engage with books: through reading, writing, publishing, selling(bookstore owners), distributing and through library science. Check out our exciting calendar of events!

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Effie Lee Morris Writing Contest Awards and Mixer

Online event

Join the WNBA-SF for the Second Annual Effie Lee Morris Writing Awards & Mixer!

Ms. Morris was a pioneering Black librarian and the founder of this chapter of the Women’s National Book Association in 1968. She first started her library career in Cleveland, Ohio. She became the first female chairperson of the Library of Congress and was the president of the National Braille Association for two terms. She was dedicated to literacy for children as well as children in underserved and those who learn differently. Ms. Morris was the first Coordinator of Children’s Services at the San Francisco Public Library and established the Children’s Historical and Research Collection at the Children’s Center of the San Francisco Library. She went on to become the first African American president of the Public Library Association. In 1968, Ms. Morris founded the San Francisco Chapter of the Woman’s National Book Association, which began in 1917. The WNBA SF Chapter is continuing our advocacy for the voices of women and diverse authors.

The WNBA SF chapter received many wonderful entries in the genres of fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. With the help of judges specializing in each genre, we found first, second, and third place winners for each genre.

Each first place winner will receive $150, second place $100 and third place $50.

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