What we're about

Women's 50 + (beginner/ intermediate) outdoor club. Snowshoing, Crosscountry, Hiking, Biking, and even some family and dog friendly potlucks. EVERYONE can suggest an outing.... A club for us all..

As women our legs are shorter and we can take our time and enjoy. Racing is not our goal.

**YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL NOT BE APPROVED unless you have a CLEAR FACIAL profile photo without sunglasses. No full-body shots, not you with five friends, etc.…your face must be large enough to be seen via smartphone without zooming. No exceptions! This is a safety issue, for you and the organizers. **


It is expected that you will show up to events prepared (first aid, proper footwear, clothing, food, 10 essentials etc. - if cycling: helmet, front and rear lights and flat repair tools and tube) and that you will be physically able to take part in the event. Please know that event organizers have the right to turn people away if they do not come adequately prepared as described above. Please understand that these are GROUP events, which means you must STAY with the group, look out for other members of the group (although we are all ultimately responsible for our own safety). Wandering off, deciding to branch off and do your own thing, not paying attention the where the group is, charging off ahead to the point where we never see you again or stopping to take photos for half an hour are all not acceptable when you're taking part in a group event! Also, if you are ahead, please wait at any intersections or points in the trail or road. There is safety in numbers (this is especially relevant in winter) and why group events are a good idea – if it’s not your idea of fun, please don’t join!

Do not leave carpooling arrangements until the last minute – you, not the event organizer, are responsible for arranging your own carpooling to events. Thanks!

The WNF Club Rules for Events/Activities

1. All participants in our club activities are entirely responsible for their own safety.

2. All event organizers are volunteers and are not responsible for any accidents or injuries

3. All participants must prepare with necessary supplies for any events/activities.

4. All participants must stay within the group activities.

5. Participants should post real pictures of themselves to their member profiles.

6. If you prefer not to be on camera please tell the group.

7. Members should check the WNF site before the event/activity for changes or cancellation.

8. Let someone know where you will be.


*********** Please DO NOT sign up if.... *************

You are not planning to stay within the group for the entire event/activity

A reservation made to the event/activity leader is a commitment to attend the event/activity. If one makes a reservation and then must cancel, please do so at least 2 days, preceding the event/activity. Last-minute drop-outs result in other members from the waiting list not being able to get onto the event/activity.

Every participant must conduct themselves in such a way as not to detract from the enjoyment of the other participants at all times. Members may be removed or excluded from the WNF events/activities should their behavior warrant such an action. Examples of these behaviors include but not limited to the followings:

1. To sign up an event but not show up

2. To be last minute or drop-out frequently.

3. To use e-mail/WNF event board to write irrelevant or rude comments

4. Violating any of the WNF club rules for Events/Activities

5. To make comments about a person's Race, Creed, Ethnicity, Sexual Identity, Political views, Religion, or insults about another's appearance.

Fit Rule

Before signing up for an event each member must decide by their own whether she is fit enough to participate in the activity. If one is not fit enough, she will endanger herself and put other members on hiking events at risk. Testing one's abilities in the wilderness is never a good idea. Please feel free to contact your event organizer if you have any questions about your fitness level. Members should always report incidents or participants who put themselves or the group at risk.

No Show Rule

If you are planning to cancel a WNF activity/event you must do so with a 48 hour notice. "No Shows" will also apply to hikes that states "rain or shine".

Release of Liability Waiver Form

You, the reader, acknowledge that participation in the WNF events/activities such as hiking/biking and snowshoeing carries with it inherent risks including, but not limited to, the risk of injury. You, the reader, freely accept and fully assume all such risk(s). It is the responsibility of each participant of an event/activity to familiarize themselves with the risks of events/activities including but not limited to hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing, to weigh those risks against the advantages, and to decide whether or not to participate. The WNF event organizers, and members cannot and will not assume liability in respect of any of these risks, dangers, hazards and liabilities. Participants further acknowledge that it is their responsibility to ensure that they carry adequate medical, extended health, dental and accident insurance coverage, as well as protection for personal possessions. It is the participants individual responsibility to verify that they are in good health and are physically capable of carrying out the hiking activity or any events/activities organized by the WNF. Therefore, in consideration of being allowed to participate, individuals release the WNF, and its event organizers, and members from all liability in respect of any personal injury suffered, any damage or loss of personal property, which may arise out of participation in any WNF events/activities.

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Dog walk Inter River Park.

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Fun and Gentle Boot Camp

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