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This group is for women leaders from all types of work: corporate, government, legal, medical, nonprofit, etc because while our jobs might vary, the skills we need to lead and rise to the next level in our careers are the same.

Women commonly report feeling isolated and alone in their struggles to succeed in the workplace. This group provides a place where women can come together to learn best practices and get the support they need to flip the statistics and show the world the power of the female leadership style.

A study by McKinsey found that since 2015, corporate America has made almost no progress in improving women’s representation in leadership. Women are underrepresented at every level. Nearly an equal amount of women enter the workforce but their numbers fall at every level of advancement until only 20% are left at the top leadership level.

Yet companies with a higher share of women at the executive level outperform those with fewer women. They average 41% more return on equity and 56% better operating results. As well, having a higher percentage of women in leadership predicted employees feeling more job satisfaction, more organizational dedication, more meaningful work, and less burnout.

The question is how can more women get promoted to higher levels of leadership in their organizations? And, once they get a new opportunity, how can they make sure to excel?

This group was started to help change that dynamic so more women get promoted into leadership roles and make the greatest impact once they get there.

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Smart Ways to Communicate More Effectively in Meetings

Learn about what the latest in brain science can teach us about communicating effectively. You will leave this interactive workshop with useful ways to engage in meetings to create more connection and impact in your conversations. And, we will explore the hidden effects that might be holding you back from bringing your best self to meetings.

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