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“It is not what you do or don’t do, it is not how you do it or don’t do it, it is not with whom you do it or don’t do it, it is who you bring to it. The who is the crucial issue” The central focus of this meet up group will be on personal exploration. Everybody has their own unique story and my aim is to make room for each of these stories for women of all ages and backgrounds. To provide the opportunity to come into a solid place in yourself; the kind of place where you are more consciously aware of how things are for you and where you can hold yourself in that place with understanding and non-judgement. To provide an environment where a woman can develop a greater understanding of themselves, and a sense of themselves. The gatherings will seek to facilitate women living in their sexuality rather than someone else’s sexuality. The course aims to seek authenticity in sexual self-expression and how to be real in our sexuality; to be present to ourselves in our sexual expression and if our sexual expression involves another person how to be present to that person; to feel alive in our sexuality; and reclaim our sexuality for us. My dream is to help women uncover the wholeness and rightness of our sexuality – which is an integral dimension of our Self-expression - so that we may be spontaneous, natural and alive. To rest into our own sense of sexuality, so our sexuality can be enjoyed for its own sake and not as a substitute means to some other end. To find our own answers and arrive at our own conclusions – arising from our own wisdom – about what makes for fulfilled, joyous sexual expression in our relationship with Self and in any relationship we may have with another.

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