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Women's Pick-up Soccer - Indoors at the Miller Center
This is a friendly game of pick-up soccer. Please RSVP to ensure we have enough players each week! Inside the fee for playing is $3 per game. You are responsible for bringing the exact amount. Please do not pay in coins. You may buy a season pass for $50. This can be paid by check. Make out the check to Burlington Parks and Recreations and write Women's Pick-up Soccer in the memo section. Wear sneakers or indoor soccer shoes (no cleats) when playing inside. Shin-guards optional. We will have pinnies to wear. This is a fun group. I look forward to having you join us. Dora By RSVPing to this Meetup you are agreeing to abide by Burlington Parks and Recreations' Code of Conduct which is posted on this Meeting Ups About section.

Miller Community Center

130 Gosse Court · Burlington, VT

What we're about

Women's Pick Up Soccer in Burlington, Vermont

Sundays, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Robert Miller Center located at 130 Gosse Court in Burlington, Vermont

Women and transgender people over 18-years-old. No experience required.


(Summer) outside it is FREE! Inside on rain days is $3 until Winter-indoor soccer starts in September.

(Winter) Indoors is $3, please bring exact change. For the indoor season, we year-round pass for $50. Checks are the preferred payment method. Make the check out to Burlington Parks and Recreation with Women's Pick-up Soccer in the memo section.

Sneakers - Cleats when we play outside
Water bottle
Shin guards, if you would like extra protection.

Fun, exercise, friendship and world peace.

You may notice other meetup have much higher membership number that is because I clean this meetup's membership list frequently. If someone hasn't RSVPed or shown up to a game in 7 months, I remove them. When you see the member count for this meetup it represents the actual number of people who are ACTIVE in this group.

Member Activity:
Once a year I clean off the member list of anyone who hasn't RSVPed in the past four months. If you are removed and still want to belong to the group, just rejoin.

If you have any questions or ideas, email

Carmen George
Volunteer Organizer
Women's Pick-up Soccer
Burlington, Vermont


Burlington Parks, Recreation Adult Drop-In Athletics

Code of Conduct for Participants

Use of unnecessary rough tactics in the play of the game against the body and person of an opposing player is strictly prohibited. Participant will be immediately removed from play and asked to leave the athletics facility.

Use of abusive verbal language upon any participant or supervisor is expressly forbidden. This includes
threatening and demeaning language and includes all threatening and demeaning comments critical of race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Harassing language and/or physical contact of any kind will not be tolerated. Participant will be immediately removed from play and asked to leave the athletics facility.
Impaired Participation

Persons believed to be participating under the influence of alcohol or drugs in such a manner as to not have
control of their faculties to the extent that they are inclined to hurt themselves or others will be asked to leave the facility. Absolutely no illegal drugs or alcohol are permitted on the premises.

Not adhering to this Code of Conduct will result in Program Site Director and Recreation Superintendent
determining the best course of action regarding an individual’s suspension or expulsion from the group. This action will result in a minimum penalty of a one game suspension, and depending on severity of action, up to and including a maximum penalty of expulsion from participating in the group on a permanent basis. A second incidence of not adhering to this Code of Conduct will lead to the expulsion of the individual from the group for a minimum length of time of one year and a maximum penalty of expulsion from participating in the group on a permanent basis.

You must agree to this Code of Conduct to participate

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