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Women's Tech Hub ~ Bristol
Women's Tech Hub ~ Bristol
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DeskLodge House

2 Redcliffe Way · Bristol

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Next Door to Mary Redcliffe Church

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There are two large areas for coworking/peer-supported learning, and smaller meeting rooms for talks or targeted group projects.

The overall theme will be about collaborations and its mainly for mixed groups but some may be women only as its a WTHub initiative and we are aware that women often learn better in women only environments.

We are looking for sponsor companies to support us with pizzas and drinks in return for an opportunity to present and communicate either as an engagement or a recruitment piece. Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct, for more information visit

Workshop Wednesday 12th February 2020 will house:

**Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group

We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3’ course ( Don’t forget to bring your own laptop, headphones, and a friend too!
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**CodeHub's Python Code Dojo @ Workshop Wednesdays

People who train in martial arts attend dojos, where they practice and try to expand their skills and achieve self-improvement. The idea is that in order to become an expert in anything you need to repeatedly perform *deliberate practice*. Dojos are also places where people of variable experience levels can engage with each other, share knowledge and give support.
A Code Dojo tries to take those ideas and apply them in the process of mastering programming languages.
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**CodeHub's WebDev 101

WebDev101 is a self-directed study group for everyone interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development. As we are not instructor-led, you will only get out what you put into this group!
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NEW**”Intro to: Angular”

In collaboration with CodeHub members, each fortnight an introductory talk on different tech-related subjects. Let us know if there is a subject you would like to hear/share.
This week learn about Angular: what is it, why use it, a brief history and more!
Bring a laptop, though not essential, they’ll be a demonstration of building a simple app after the presentation part, which you may or may not want to follow along with.

From 6.30pm, talk approx. 45 mins duration
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**Women’s Tech Hub Python Workshops (beginners)

This workshop is for those interested to learn Python and is aimed at both beginners and those with a little Python experience. The topics and examples are chosen such that you can directly use Python for a Data Science project afterward. Someone who comes to all the sessions (and does some practicing at home) will have covered the pre-requisites for a typical Data Science Bootcamp by the end of the workshop.
This week they will be concentrating on Programming fundamentals to include Conditionals, For/while loops & Try/except statements.
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Please note places are limited, where necessary priority will be given to minority group members to ensure a diverse group.

Open to all those aged 18+