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Women's Tech Hub ~ Bristol
Women's Tech Hub ~ Bristol
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DeskLodge House

2 Redcliffe Way · Bristol

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Next Door to Mary Redcliffe Church

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Big Thanks to SG Digital for sponsoring tonight's event. They are paying for the pizzas and Drinks and will do a shout out/presentation to introduce themselves at the pizza break. If you are interested in speaking to them about possible work then you are welcome to sign up and respond with SG Digital and it's possible you can speak to them prior to the pizzas, their jobs are on our Jobs board

We are not cancelling our workshops as its still a coworking space and being used however here are some precautions to consider:
* If you think you may have flu, please do not come in
* Please frequently wash/sanitise your hands
* If coughing or sneezing, ensure it's into your elbow or a tissue and avoid touching your face
* Avoid being tactile i.e. handshaking etc (this is just us generally!!)
* If you have come back off holiday in the last 14 days (from anywhere really) please do not attend
* We will cut the pizzas cleanly so you can pick up slices and not 'tear and share'

Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct, for more information visit

Workshop Wednesday on the 11th of March will host (other workshops may be added prior to the event):

**Women’s Tech Hub Python Workshops (beginners)

This workshop is for those interested to learn Python and is aimed at both beginners and those with a little Python experience. The topics and examples are chosen such that you can directly use Python for a Data Science project afterward. Someone who comes to all the sessions (and does some practicing at home) will have covered the pre-requisites for a typical Data Science Bootcamp by the end of the workshop.
This week they will be concentrating on Working with Data: Introduction to Pandas
Loading/saving/manipulating data with Pandas

**Bristol Data Science and Machine Learning Study Group

We are currently focusing on the ‘Practical Deep Learning for Coders v3’ course ( Don’t forget to bring your own laptop, headphones, and a friend too!
Sign up on their event page

**CodeHub's Python Code Dojo @ Workshop Wednesdays

People who train in martial arts attend dojos, where they practice and try to expand their skills and achieve self-improvement. The idea is that in order to become an expert in anything you need to repeatedly perform *deliberate practice*. Dojos are also places where people of variable experience levels can engage with each other, share knowledge and give support.
A Code Dojo tries to take those ideas and apply them in the process of mastering programming languages.
Sign up on their page

**CodeHub's WebDev 101

WebDev101 is a self-directed study group for everyone interested in improving their knowledge of any subject in the field of web development. As we are not instructor-led, you will only get out what you put into this group!
Sign up on their event page

Please note places are limited, where necessary priority will be given to minority group members to ensure a diverse group.

Open to all those aged 18+

Sign-up via this WTHub MeetUp event, stating eg ‘Agile’, 'JavaScript', ‘Python’, SGDigital or 'Other' in reply to the sign-up question.

Please note places are limited, where necessary priority will be given to minority group members to ensure a diverse group.
Any other workshops we may add prior to the event

Open to all those aged 18+