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Every 2 weeks on Wednesday until December 25, 2019

DeskLodge House

Redcliffe Way · Bristol

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Next Door to Mary Redcliffe Church

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There are two large areas for coworking/peer supported learning in a very similar remit to that of Codehub. There are also a series of rooms in which we can do training shared projects or talks, these can host from 6 to 16 people and we are open to people contacting us if you wish to run something. The idea is that we may have one group learning a CRM such as salesforce for example, another running a UX group, then a python group etc. The overall theme will be about collaborations and its mainly for mixed groups but some may be women only as its a WTHub initiative and we are aware that women learn better in women only environments.

We are looking for sponsor companies to support us with pizzas and drinks in return for an opportunity to present and commnicate either as an engagement or a recruitment piece. Women’s Tech Hub runs a no recruiter (other than an internal sponsor recruiter as noted above) and a strict social media policy which you can find in our Code of Conduct.

Bring a laptop !

Workshop Wednesday 23rd October 2019 will house:

~ Ceri Newton - Agile in a (pistachio) nutshell: a brief introduction to Agile ways of working
Ceri's been coaching individuals, teams and businesses for well over a decade, and with her background in teaching and psychology, has been referred to more than once as the "Mary Poppins of Agile". Ceri will be running this hands-on session for anyone who wants to understand a little more about Agile - what it is, how it works and who it's for. You'll come out feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on your next Agile project!

~ JavaScript Self-Led Study Group
Calling all those who are interested in learning or improving their JavaScript skills in a relaxed, collaborative environment.

If you’re new to JavaScript, we’ll give you a quick introduction into what you can do with the language, then guide you through the basics by working through small projects together. Our aim is to help pave the way to creating your first website. You will learn skills you’ll need on the job and create a personal portfolio that will make interviews easier.

While the study group’s focus is to help those who are less experienced, we’d be happy to accept anyone who is interested in offering support. Additionally, if you’re looking to build on your existing JavaScript skills, we’d be happy to help on a range of subjects, such as: React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, npm, MongoDB, functional style programming and more.

~ Python Self-Led Study Group
The current self-led group has run its natural course, but CodeHub is planning something with a little more focus to support those learning Python - so watch this space over the coming weeks.

For those who wish to progress with learning Python in a supportive environment, you are still very welcome to use the co-working area at WW - Kathryn (who lead the Python Study Group) will probably be there and would welcome some friendly support.

~ Project Rainbow - WTH Supporting Non-Profits
Rainbow RDA is a charity based in Taunton in need of Web Presence to qualify for grants, attract volunteers, supporters and donations. The project needs additional team members of all walks of Digital Life to help bring their digital presence to light. They are affiliated with

Whether you’re new to IT, whatever your learning path this is the perfect learning opportunity to learn about the tasks that go into the creation and use of Web Presence.

~ Self-Study/Co-working
Use the space and time to co-work and/or continue your own upskilling exercises.
Sign-up via this WTHub MeetUp event, stating ‘Agile’, 'JavaScript', ‘Rainbow’ or 'Other' in reply to the sign-up question

Please note places are limited, where necessary priority will be given to minority group members to ensure a diverse group.

Open to all those aged 18+