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Meetup says… "Find your People"... We are looking for a Small group of Athletic, Active, Conservative women, who enjoy hiking and doing Active things together; women with polite social skills and sensitivity, who are fun to be around. We like women who are good listeners, who realize when they are talking too much. We hike and walk at an athletic pace, so slow walkers who are not in shape will not be able to keep up with us on a long hike. We hike trails, go bowling, roller skate, and plan a monthly dinner. Some of us drink wine in moderation at dinner, and sometimes we do couples Meetups with our husbands and boyfriends. This group has been around for 3.5 years, and as problems have arisen the rules have become more direct out of necessity.

The majority of our group is Conservative or Libertarian leaning. We are careful not to make insulting comments during conversation, and we do not insult the President, or his family. We show respect no matter how much we dislike a viewpoint.

If you are looking for an affluent group, we are just regular working class women. We are homemakers, retired, and working gals who have no desire to impress anyone. We are genuine, honest, regular gals.

It's $12 a year to become a member of this group. We offer a 2 MONTH FREE TRIAL PERIOD to see if we are a good match. MAKE SURE YOU COME TO A MEETUP DURING YOUR FIRST 2 MONTHS, so you can meet us and we can meet you. If we are a good fit, and you would like to become a member bring $12 to a Meetup, and let me know you're interested. If your dues are not paid in two months you will be removed from the group. My credit card is charged $99 every six months for this group. Your annual dues are used to cover the cost.

Group Rules:

1. PLEASE GIVE 3-4 HOURS NOTICE to CANCEL an RSVP and let me know you're not coming. The group will be waiting for you. Also, read everything in the Meetup so you don't have to keep texting me unnecessary questions.

2. PLEASE BE ON TIME! We allow 5 minutes for everyone to arrive and then we hike.

3. Please be a good listener and do not dominate all the conversations. People who do all the talking RUIN Meetups. Please give everyone a chance to share. People quit coming when they can't even participate.

4. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR A HIKE YOU CANNOT HANDLE. We have some Hikes up mountains that are only for experienced hikers who can walk at an athletic pace for many miles. The miles and difficulty will be stated clearly on the Meetup. We don't really wait, so please make sure you can do it before RSVPing. It is unfair to the rest of the group to have to keep stopping and walking slowly on a long hike for one person who can't keep up.

5. Please do not ask to bring PETS unless we specify it on the Meetup.

6. Please do not ask to bring KIDS along. This is an Adult group.

7. Anyone who is rude or disrespectful during Meetups, or is ruining everyone's time together will be spoken to, and if it continues will be dropped.

Jonie Anthony - Founder and Leader of the Group

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