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Are you desperate for time out?

Does life feel overwhelming and hectic with no time for you to even think?
Maybe you’re at that stage where you’ve just had enough, you know that you have to make some big changes, but you have no idea where to start.

Perhaps you feel trapped in your life, like I did. Like you’re living a lie.

Do you question how you even ended up living like this? Where is the happy and fulfilling life that you dreamed of?

Is the brave face you’re showing to the world exhausting you?

Are you longing to be true to who you know you really are inside?

Elaine Batho helps women like you, who feel trapped in a life that no longer serves them.

The overwhelming frustration this causes can manifest in many ways. If left it can lead to physical symptoms, even illness that affects how we function on a daily basis.
These women know that they can’t go on like this.
They’re desperate to find their own path. To live their authentic truth.

This is where Elaine comes in.
She works with her clients holistically in a safe and nurturing environment to explore what’s not currently working. To help them rediscover who they really are at their core.

Elaine supports them to take action, to create and transform their lives into the one they’ve only ever dreamed of living.

Working holistically. Using wellness of mind, body and soul as her tools. Elaine encourages and empowers women to look deep inside themselves. Knowing that within us, are all the answers that we need to live our dream lives.

Her work encompasses coaching, healing practices and techniques. With her extensive knowledge and experiences of the body, mind and spirit she uses her skills to work uniquely with each client at the highest level.

Elaine offers many ways to support your transformation. From workshops, programs, to one to one sessions, through to seven night transformational life changing retreats.


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'Untamed You' Workshop - How to take action and change your world.

This women’s workshop is designed to help you find the clarity and answers to living ‘Untamed You’ - Your own unique recipe to happiness. “An authentic life is the right of every woman” What’s stopping you from living your life the way you truly want it to be? When you don’t follow your authentic truth. Doing instead what you ‘should’. It will never fulfil you. It will keep you trapped in a cycle of hiding and playing small. It's frustrating. It's painful. It’s exhausting keeping up pretence of a life you don’t want to live, making everyone else happy except you. It overwhelming and stressful creating tension and anxiety in your body. Which left unchecked will eventually make you ill. 90% of the top diseases today are caused by our lifestyle such as chronic stress, poor diet and insufficient sleep So many people drift along in a miserable existence, too afraid to grasp the reins of their own lives. Numbing and distracting with alcohol, food, work and unfulfilling relationships. How would it be if you could take back your power? To take hold of your controls again. To steer yourself into a life of untamed possibility. On your terms. TODAY! During this powerful workshop we'll cover: ★ The top reasons people remain stuck and unhappy in an unfulfilling life. ★ Get clear on what’s stopping you from living in your truth, as the real you. ★ Look deeply into how this is sabotaging your happiness. ★ Discover your ‘Untamed You’ Uncover the answers to how you truly want to live. ★ Create your own action plan for an authentic life of happiness on your terms. Starting now! what previous guests are saying ... "Love spending time with you Elaine, your positive attitude is inspiring. Thank you for a new experience today" "it was amazing" "I can't tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday, You enthusiasm can't help but rub off. I feel much more positive and enjoyed my dance around the house this morning!! Thank you for your inspiring workshop." "The exercises were really effective - I thought 2 hours might be too short but actually the length was perfect and I felt that we covered a lot." Here’s what people have said when asked what they had enjoyed the most.... “The visualisation exercises were very powerful” “very moving and motivating in a positive way” “Very relaxing & enhancing for well being” “A reminder to spend time on myself” “Clarity, support & positive environment” “The positivity helping move your life forward” Essential information: Please aim to arrive from 9.30 we will start promptly at 10am. Parking is free at the hotel with plenty of spaces, but you must register your car with reception. Please bring a pen and notebook to journal your thoughts down, as the exercises will be interactive. Sometimes the air conditioning can be very cool, I would suggest bringing an extra layer if you are prone to feeling cold. Refreshments will be provided.

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