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Based the Laws of Success and Think and Grow Rich for Women

SISTERHOOD represents the ability of women to share their experiences, acquire wisdom and most sensitive powers. SISTERHOOD means that we are able to be in togetherness, in equality, to feel free to show our raw parts and our dark sides; to learn, to love, to grow, to overcome and communicate in the purest form of womanhood. ~Tara Iris Gerris

Think and Grow Rich for Women: Using Your Power to Create Success and Significance

· Burning Desire

· Faith

· Autosuggestion

· Specialized Knowledge

· Imagination

· Organized Planning

· Decision

· Persistence

· Power of the Mastermind

· The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

· The Subconscious Mind

· The Brain

· The Sixth Sense

· How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear

· One Big Life


Top 10 Reasons to Mastermind. Are YOU Ready?

Judy Ann Foster started the Women's Wisdom "Divine Mind" groups in 1992 and has collected valuable information over the years to share with you to create personal and professional success. She will be sharing her manuals and stories of magic, miracles and synchronicity.

The real magic lies in the “combined intellect” of people focused together on a specific problem or challenge. When everyone in the group brings their unique experience, ideas, and knowledge to bear on a stated agenda, there are no limits to the ideas that can be generated and the thoughtful support that can be offered.

Here are six key elements that are essential in anyone who wants to join a mastermind alliance.

1. Commitment of time to attend scheduled meetings

2. The willingness to be honest, open, vulnerable, supportive and accountable

3. Non-judgmental acceptance of others and their ideas

4. A sincere desire to grow in one’s personal or professional life

5. The readiness to follow through on chosen actions.

6. The integrity to hold confidences.

10 Top Reasons To Join A Mastermind Group

1. Be part of a small, trusted community of people who want to create something new and better in their lives.

2. Experience the thrill of creative brainstorming in a focused environment.

3. Be held accountable for setting specific, actionable goals.

4. Get more done in a shorter time frame as you consistently take action on your goals.

5. Be challenged to stretch beyond your familiar, comfortable ways of things and acting so you can move forward quickly.

6. Feel the positive energy of other people happily thinking your life or business with you.

7. Have a safe place to explore how you are at cause in your life, career, relationships, business outcomes, finances, and more.

8. Be encouraged to see and try new options and to reach for a deeper potential within you.

9. Have access to immediately applicable guidance and information for your own professional or personal growth.

10. Pay it forward! Give practical support and in-the-moment encouragement to others and help them achieve their goals.

Final Note:If you are seriously considering joining a Mastermind Group, know that you are about to venture into an experience that can make you a better person and a bigger, more visionary thinker than ever before. It can encourage you to reach for true greatness and to achieve a deep sense of life satisfaction.Participation in such a group should never be taken lightly. Curiosity is always appropriate; casualness is not, because others will depend on you to take full ownership of your part in the group.

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We will meet twice a month in person and twice on skype.

In the beginning we will meet weekly to connect with each other in perfect harmony to create group synergy for Magic, Miracles and Synchronicity. So, it’s important to come to our first two meetings for sure.

Then we will agree as a group how often to meet and skype.

We will be creating a strong foundation with the MM Principles to start off the new year.

This is a 90 day commitment, so please check your calendar and save the dates: Tuesday's ~ April , May, June.

There is a lot covered to set the foundation for master mind and connecting with the group in perfect harmony.

It is required to attend the Master Mind Introduction one hour before in order to join any of the MM Groups. Please call to confirm you can arrive early for the introduction.

Registration Required with Full Name, Business Name, Website, Email Address, Cell Phone to text you address, Arrive early so we can start on time. Thanks!

You will love it, Judy Ann Foster

Our official website with all the details is http://www.WomensWisdom.net (http://www.womenswisdom.net/)


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Women's International Day, The Network Luncheon

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Beauty for the Soul Event in OC

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Monday Morning Master Mind Meeting

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Monday Morning Master Mind Meeting

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