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Let's make this a place where professional speakers and workshop facilitators can post their events and where we can support each other in our quest for self improvement. There is strength in numbers and power when women gather to support each other.
In particular, I'd like to encourage each of you to share your strengths. For example, please volunteer to lead a workshop or an online webinar. We can easily have a couple per month. We could also support an online Book Club, and take turns presenting a book each month,
Most of the topics in this group center around Personal Development and Self Improvement Programs including Journaling, Creativity, Life Purpose, Yoga, Meditation, Goal Setting, Creating Balance, Health and Beauty. 
If you love attending fun and informative women's events, this is the place to find out all about them! Come and join us and share the fun!
Please post your thoughts and suggestions.
I look forward to seeing you at the next (online) Meet Up!
Angeline M Hart

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You Don't NEED a Man...but you might....want one?

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(NOTE: to receivce access to this live Webinar on Zoom, you need to REGISTER - not just RSVP!) bit.ly/10reasonswebinar
You don’t NEED a man…but maybe, you might… want one?
You’ve worked hard and built a successful career.
You’ve created financial security.
You’re independent and self-sufficient.
And you did it on your own.
You certainly don’t need a man!

You’ve tried the relationship thing before, and it was a hot mess.
You’ve found it’s much easier to build a successful career,
than to create a satisfying and healthy relationship.
In fact, it was downright painful!
So you had the good sense to walk away.

And yet, late at night,
after a TV dinner alone,
when there’s nothing on Netflix,
have you started to wonder…
“is that all there is?”

You’re tired of going to events, or even just out to dinner, alone.
You’re probably sick of people asking, “why isn’t a great catch like you married?”
It would be nice if you could find a good companion.
Someone to talk over the day with.
Someone for safe (and juicy) sex.
Maybe do a little traveling?

But, hey, there are no good men, right?
All the good ones are already taken, or gay, right?
Sometimes you may wonder, is there something wrong with me?
Am I getting too old?
Will I always be alone?
Should I get a couple cats?

Are you ready to go deep, get real, and ask yourself the tough questions?
Let’s look behind the curtain and…
challenge the reasons you tell the world you don’t want a man.
This webinar is not for the faint hearted,
it’s for the courageous woman, the brave and authentic woman,
the woman who reads Brene’ Brown and admires Oprah Winfrey.
(BTW, have you noticed, they both have a man? It’s a necessity if you want to be a Power Couple!)

So, if you’re curious about NEW possibilities in the world of relationships,
Click to enroll for this FREE Webinar: “10 Reasons You DON’T Want a Relationship.”
And, fasten your seat belt, we’re going to be straight talking, and totally real.
(NOTE: to receivce access to this live Webinar on Zoom, you need to REGISTER - not just RSVP!) bit.ly/10reasonswebinar

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Relationship Masterclass (5-day Love Challenge)

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