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Giving Back Can Pay off & Logging, and Errors, and Metrics- Oh My!

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Paulette Luftig (, Software Engineer at Mavenlink, presents:

"Giving Back Can Pay off In Dividends: Develop Your Engineering Skills, Support Your Communities, and Land that Next Job"

Are you looking for innovative ways to develop your engineering skills? Do you care about the state of our communities? Do you agree that companies recruiting engineers will likely use your Github account to see whether you are actively coding? Then this talk is for you. Join me as I tell my story about improving my coding abilities and overall knowledge of agile development while supporting a Bay Area non profit to improve one of its core annual programs. You will learn a powerful strategy for improving your resume, your linkedin profile, or even find work while you're not working, all the while giving back to your community, and working towards landing your next big gig.

Chloe Condon (, Developer Evangelist at Sentry, presents:

"Logging, and Errors, and Metrics- Oh My!"

As engineers, we build pretty cool apps. Once users start using our cool apps… well, we run into the fun process of discovering errors. Keeping track of these issues can get messy, getting alerted is stressful, and measuring it can provide you with an overwhelming amount of information. So, how do we combine all these things to make our cool apps work even better than before? In this talk, we’ll dive into logging, errors, and metrics, and how to use them to create the ultimate superpower of OBSERVABILITY!


6:30-7:00 Registration and Dinner

7:00-7:15 Career Lightning Talk

7:15-8:00 Tech Talk

8:00-9:00 Networking and Coding time

Dinner (not pizza!) and Drinks provided by Mavenlink ( Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available.

23 Geary Street, Suite 500 · San Francisco, CA
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