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How Hardware Brings "Depth" to Software & Finding Meaningful Work in the Mundane

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How Hardware Brings "Depth" to Software & Finding Meaningful Work in the Mundane


Samantha Carow, Senior Software Engineer at Reddit, presents "Finding Meaningful Work in the Mundane". Suzanne Leibrick, Market Development Engineer at Intel® RealSense™ Group, presents "How Hardware Brings 'Depth' to Your Software".


Samantha Carow (, Senior Software Engineer at Reddit, presents:

"Finding Meaningful Work in the Mundane"

"Be more proactive” is feedback we’ve probably all heard at one time or another. But we also know that all projects are not created equal. Simply taking on more work doesn’t always equate to career growth – in fact, it can do the opposite. And to complicate the matter, the most impactful projects are not always the most sought-after. This session is designed to help you identify meaningful work in unlikely places that will ultimately boost your visibility inside your company, have organization-wide impact, and maximize your career growth.


Suzanne Leibrick (, Market Development Engineer, Intel® RealSense™ Group, presents:

"How Hardware Brings 'Depth' to Your Software"

With more and more devices needing to understand the world around them, from robotics, to drones, cars, VR and phones, there are many different ways for computers to perceive the world. Suzanne Leibrick from Intel RealSense will discuss various different methods of scene perception, from time of flight, to structured light, to machine learning approaches, how they work, and the benefits and tradeoffs between methods and how to choose which might be best for your problem space. This talk does not require any prior knowledge of depth or scene perception.



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