An Intro to Cypress & Capitalism, VC, race & gender through data storytelling

Womxn Level Up
Womxn Level Up
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This month Womxn Level Up will be virtually hosted by Hover ( A zoom link will be viewable after you RSVP.


CJ Joulain (, Quality Assurance Engineer at Tuft & Needle, presents:

"Don't Get Lost in the Trees: An Intro to Cypress"

Within a few short years, Cypress has emerged as a popular framework for end-to-end testing. Marked by a browser-based runner, asynchronous behavior, and readability, it offers a robust way to automate, particularly for front-end components. This talk will walk us through some common use cases, as well as some limitations (such as Electron vs. Chrome capabilities). It'll also dig into how Quality Assurance engineers might utilize the library differently from full-stack developers. Lastly, we'll look at Cypress' compatibility with non-JavaScript frameworks like Rails.


Eva Sasson (, Product Growth Manager at Persona, presents:

"Capitalism, venture capital, race and gender through data storytelling"

There's an undeniable wage gap for womxn and bipoc. Today, we're experiencing not just this existing wage gap but an even greater raise gap in fundraising for womxn and bipoc entrepreneurs and business owners. Through data storytelling, we'll explore the intricacies of these inequalities, and how we, as technologists, can support one another to create an inclusive society by design, while summarizing the fundamentals concepts of data visualization