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Are you 50+ and at a place in your life where you want to enjoy life and have fun with others of like mind? The kids are all grown and out on their own. The house is quiet and there’s no one to yell at? Then this group is for you.

Wonderful Wacky Westsiders (WWW) is for folks who are 50+ and live or work on the westside of Portland. It's about meeting new friends and having some fun along the way. There is so much to see and do and having a group to do it with makes it even better.

This is NOT a dating forum, singles and those with partners are a part of the WWW. If you have a partner who would like to participate, we ask that each person become a member. We reserve the right to not admit new members who are younger than 50+ and/or who have inappropriate profiles, photos or nicknames.

We also request that you post a current photo of yourself, in this way other Westsiders can identify you at events. We welcome folks who may live outside of the west metro area but want to participate in activities on the west side. However; the bulk of activities are held in the suburbs on the west side of Portland.

We request a $5.00 per year per member fee from our members. Part of the reason for the charge is to ensure that when people join it's not on impulse and that they plan to regularly do activities with us and fully participate; the other is to cover the cost of the web site, name tags and equipment for some upcoming social gatherings. A 30 day trial period is designed to allow new members a chance to experience our group before being required to pay Member Dues.

Common courtesies:

1. We ask that you post a current photo, in this way others can identify you at events.

2. Please RSVP to events that you want to attend so we can get an accurate head count. We want to start on time, plan on being at the event 5- 10 minutes early. If there are no other "Yes" RSVP's to an event other than the organizer, they reserve the right to cancel the meetup.

3. Please be courteous to the organizers and let them know if you're unable to attend. Please change your RSVP online or call/email the event organizer and let them know if you can't make it.

4. Please do not contact other members unless you have met them through a Wacky Westsiders event or have met them previously. We wish to respect the privacy of our members. Exceptions are made for questions about an upcoming event.

Attendance Policy:

Respect and consideration for others are our Top Priority, so please refrain from being a:

"CANCEL" (Canceling out of an event within 24 hrs of the event)

"LATE CANCEL" (changing RSVP to a "no" within 2 hours of an event and not communicating with the organizer - this keeps others who were waitlisted from attending)

"NO SHOW" (Not showing up and leaving your RSVP a "yes")

A pattern of no show, late cancel or cancel is grounds for removal from the group.

We reserve the right to remove members who have been inactive for 3 months or more.

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