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"Social skills and fun times social group for awkward autistic teens" Is how I envision this group, but am open to other possibilities. I am a busy professional and father of socially-challenged 13-yr old who doesn't want to commute all the time to Chantilly, Fredericksburg, or D.C.

Kids like my daughter (and there are a lot) are misunderstood in school, and often give up making friends, don't know why they aren't included in tight-knit cliques, and cannot make social connections that are important in life to give all of us purpose, friendships, and alleviate loneliness.

Someone has to take this on, and so I'm throwing my hat into the arena! Can host at my home sometimes. Suggest an idea or event. Maybe a picnic for first time?
Let's see who's interested, and I'll plan something.

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