What we're about

If you've spent enough time networking on Long Island, you've been probably as frustrated as I have been - we're a captive audience on a crowded island and if you shake a stick in any direction, you're likely to hit a networking group of some kind. What is missing is the opportunity for us as business owners, to develop professionally and learn from the collective wisdom of other entrepreneurs - without an obvious or underlying pressure to give referrals.

This is not for you if you're looking for another opportunity to exchange business cards and book a coffee meeting. This is not for you if you're desperately looking for referrals in order to stay in business.

What I'm creating is a combination of traditional networking (when it comes to attendance and accountability) with the power of owners' mastermind group like Vistage or The Alternative Board (TAB) - but without the high cost and forced referrals.

Our meeting is a safe place for you to come and share your success, frustrations or challenges on any business topic: from marketing, sales, customer service, HR, finance, succession, etc. We will have an 'expert' in each field and since all of us are business owners, you'll also benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of those who have likely been in your shoes at some point.

Why should I waste my time each week if I'm not getting any business? Exactly, our primary focus is not on referrals (like all other groups) although as we get to know each other, this should happen naturally.

• This meeting is BY INVITATION ONLY. We will meet twice a month on Thursdays at 7:30 am, at the clubhouse of my condo. We are not going to charge for membership or breakfast. You're welcome to bring your own coffee.

• We will get together for 90 minutes or so, will have structured training on a variety of topics, and the rest will come naturally.

• You have to commit to showing up and if you miss more two meetings in one month you'll be removed.

• "Seats" in our group will be exclusive: one member per profession.

• There are no membership or any other costs to be part of this group.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please email me: zev@ledaza.com and let me know what you do and why you're interested. You'll be invited to join us after I review your web presence and business.

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