What we're about

If you've spent enough time in networking on Long Islan, you've been probably as frustrated as I am - we're a captive-audience on a crowded island and if you shake your stick in any direction, you're likely to hit a networking group of some kind.

High-quality networking on Long Island is an exception, not the rule. Many of the successful/better groups also come with a price-tag and rigid accountability (you know who those are).

I want to try something different; a hybrid concept of the best of traditional networking (BNI) and high-level mastermind gathering like Vistage or The Alternative Board (TAB). A hand-picked group of professionals, vetted by me to start with and later by a membership-committee, who come together for the following, by priority, purpose:

• Professional development by interacting with smart business owners from any industry

• Create a relationship that naturally leads to business referrals.

You see, in my new networking concept, the ideal member is someone who DOES NOT need referrals. It is for someone who is craving the type of intellectual collaboration and learning -- not driven by a selfish goal of getting "business." -- that is actually the crux of what I've seen is wrong with the majority of networking groups and functions.

Why should I waste my time each week if I'm not getting any business? Exactly, you shouldn't and you should continue to chase referrals like everyone else.

• My new group will meet on Thursdays at 7:30 am, at the clubhouse of my condo. We are not going to charge for membership or breakfast.

• We will get together for an hour or so, will have structured training on a variety of topics, and the rest will come naturally. And yes, we'll go around and do our commercials as well.

• We will insist on accountability in terms of attendance: You have to commit to showing up and if you're consistently absent, then you'll be asked not to come back.

• "Seats" in our group will be exclusive: one member per profession.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, please email me: zev@ledaza.com and let me know what you do and why you're interested. I will "check you out" in terms of your business, website, social media presence, and let you know if you were accepted.

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