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Visual journaling is a powerful transformational tool. If you're a writer, you'll enjoy the process to explore your inner artist; if you're an artist, you'll enjoy the process to connect more deeply within yourself with words. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy the process; you just have to be willing to stretch yourself a bit. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with your spirit and your soul.

Visual journaling combines journal writing with creative artistic play where we take out paints, pens, markers, art stamps, magazine pics, photos, stencils, and all kinds of art supplies and combine art with words. Using a quiet, meditative, trance-like state as we work, we find a joyful and deeply satisfying practice that you will find you will want to return to again and again for reflection and self-expression. An introduction to the visual journaling process and an array of materials to create images will be provided.

The emphasis is on the creative process, going within and losing yourself in writing, image-making, paper and an array of art supplies. A safe and nurturing space will be created for you to make time for yourself, connect with yourself and spend time in artistic and creative exploration and self-exploration. This process is especially effective for any individuals who have been too timid to explore their creative urges, but have a heart's desire to express themselves in creative play.

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