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This group is for women and NOW MEN :) who are tired of struggling with their weight to fit in with the world and now just want to make friends who are fat and fabulous to hang out with and embrace ourselves. I believe at the core people really just want to be loved and accepted - with all our flaws. We want a feeling of security, love and support. I believe people are bonded by their weaknesses and mine is food issues, body image and weight issues. I have gone to Over Eaters Anonymous on and off for years, I have done Weight Watchers, I have lost a lot of weight, then gained it all back. Why is so much energy being wasted on trying to impress skinny people or fit in. I believe, like the new show, I am fat and I am fabulous! I am looking to meet other people who want to be happy being fat, share our sacred secrets like the "chub rub" LOL, share our aches and pain secrets knee pain and ankle issues :D (I started crawling for exercise :D). I know fat people are funny. I would rather die of laughter a little early than live to be 100 and be a stressed out skinny person :D. Let's make life enjoyable with a network of fat, fabulous and funny people to make life's journey a wonderful ride :D.

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