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This is a group open to all who are interested in seeking healing, meditation and the sharing of one’s gifts with one another to promote spiritual community.

I am a Pranic I healing practitioner who will be sharing techniques on energetic healing, meditation, shielding and interpersonal connectivity. Though these practices I will help with stress, relaxation, energy clearing, protection and raising vibrations towards the path of personal awareness.

I will also offer Pranic Healing sessions after meetings from time to time for those in need.

A few of the meditation techniques I’d like to share: Hara line, Dan tian + core star shielding, emptiness, guided visualization, twin hearts, manifestation, forgiveness and group.

I would also like to share some interpersonal energy connection techniques as well that can be used with 2 or more people in order to enhance awareness of soul connections and improve interpersonal awareness and communication.

These methods that I wish to share are free. Donations accepted but not expected.

What I offer in this group will grow as I learn more in specific healing modalities and meditation techniques. And after several sessions I would love to open it up to any other practitioners who want to share their gifts as well, ideally so that this becomes more of a sharing community.

My intention here is quite simply to set a safe space for people to come together and share in these healing modalities so that we can all learn to better heal the self and those we care about. I would like to learn from others as well as provide a unique perspective, and ideally at some point the purpose of this group may change depending on the dynamic of people who are drawn to it and the range of their gifts.

So any other purpose for healing that evolves from this I leave to God and good soul intentions.

I look forward to meeting you all and sharing with you. : )

Blessings, love and light - Brian

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