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This is a group for women from all over the world now living in the San Fernando Valley to connect, socialize and get to know each other’s culture. No matter whether you are old or young, lived here for many years or just arrived , this is a group for you. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be born here, we are open to join us , too!!

We will meet the 3 rd Saturday of each month to begin with and have breakfast at different locations. We may move some of the activities to lunch or brunch or even weekday happy hours.. We will give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and learn about each other , our cultures, the countries we come from and the traditions that make us who we are. Please, have respect for everyone and their believes, this is not a political or religious group, but an amazing and interesting group of women in a “New World”! We are open to suggestions as far locations and other activities are concerned! Please, refrain from " NO SHOWS " ! Let's respect each other's time and effort by avoiding it! Thank you...

Looking forward meeting you ....

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The TAJ MAHAL is coming to ENCINO!!!!

Needs a location


If we can't go to India, bring India to us! Come for an amazing Indian buffet lunch in this iconic Indian gem in the heart of the Valley. Beautiful view of the hills and authentic great food with CHAMPAGNE!! Bring your smile and be ready to have a good time!!

International Women's Day March 8th

The Canyon - Agoura Hills


In celebration of the International Women's Day on March 8th I wanted to add a meetup for those of you that are interested. I thought we could go and see the play Menopause at the Canyon Club in Agoura. It is a funny, entertaining musical on a subject that are very much part of some of our lives right now! What a way to celebrate women and international women if not by the way of attending this play! If there is enough interest we need to act quickly in purchasing the tickets. We can decide if we want to get dinner there or meet before for dinner somewhere else. I'd like to have an idea of how many of you are interested by the 8th of February, or before, please. Otherwise , we'll have to come up with something else "international " for that day! LOL!


Needs a location

GIOVANNA graciously offered to host this event at her house in Tarzana WINE and DINE on fabulous international food! Members must bring one or two dish form the country of their origin or ancestry and may include an alcoholic beverage if they wish so from any country- :-) Bring a game or two to play or just relax after a long week, either way, be ready for a GOOD TIME!

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Breakfast at Lovi’s

Lovi's Deli

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