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(Usually 10+ participants, mostly from non-Meetup sources) --- Topic: EFT Tapping for BODY IMAGE Problems. ----- Example Videos: EFT Tapping for body love and self-confidence - Lose Weight with Tapping ~ It's a Game Changer! - ----- Welcome to come & test EFT, to see if you can get rid of emotional & physical problems & diseases, as quickly as many others have. We will tap together for anything you want. Bring your issues! ------ Come & learn a life-changing method! You'll go home with a no-nonsense practical tool that you can use immediately - Emotional Freedom Tapping (/Techniques) or Trauma Tapping Technique. Try it on physical pain, the results are often miraculous! Note: You can use EFT tapping on animals, it works just as well! ------ HELP SPREAD THE WORD! According to Bessel van der Kolk the biggest diseases in USA = life-long effects from CHILDHOOD TRAUMA, which can be accidental, or from abuse or neglect. Note that EFT is an excellent tool, perhaps the best, to neutralize traumatic memories. “As the ACE study has shown, child abuse and neglect is the single most preventable cause of mental illness, the single most common cause of drug and alcohol abuse, and a significant contributor to leading causes of death such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke, and suicide.” ― Dr. Kolk: The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma ----- Why does EFT work? One theory: tapping may stop "amygdala hijacking" of the brain's prefrontal cortex. Another theory: tapping removes blockages in our energy meridians. ----- THE MEETING: we usually start with an EFT tapping meditation, testimonials and next tap along with EFT videos. Last 1/2 hour we divide into groups and tap for participants personal issues, thereby also "borrowing benefits". Remember to be well hydrated. -- We are a non-profit group, trying to teach & spread the word. No cost. Handouts. EFT DVDs -- Use all information responsibly, remember that usage of EFT tapping is voluntary & at your own risk. Our mottos: "Try EFT on everything!" "Tapping in Group is More Powerful!" --- Welcome! (

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5055 West Panther Creek · Spring, TX

What we're about

Our non-profit EFT tapping group in The Woodlands has been meeting weekly for 10+ years. Welcome to visit, and learn EFT hands-on, it is completely free! (WEBSITE: (

EFT or Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques, acu-tapping, meridian tapping, EP = energy psychology, or TTT = trauma tapping technique) is a super-speedy stress-release method, known about since the 1980's. Being tense and stressed has many negative side effects, e.g. usually makes pain & diseases worse, aggravates depression & aggression & anxiety, clouds thinking/memory, etc etc.

EFT TAPPING MAY SEEM SIMPLE, BUT IS AMAZINGLY POWERFUL! - EFT is an invaluable tool to increase your EQ (emotional intelligence), and is great for personal growth, self-help, pain-removal and improved health. It is a wonderful spiritual help, deepening your meditations, & adding peace and joy to your life, on the deepest levels. --- Watch introduction video here (!

Stress-Reduction / Do-It-Yourself

EFT is a fantastic do-it-yourself method, that every child ( should learn! - EFT is especially well-known for its effective anxiety, fear, trauma & stress removal. - EFT is also used to quickly reduce pain (, both physical and emotional pain ( E.g. try it for fire ants bites, you will be surprised. Painful diseases like fibromyalgia ( can disappear via EFT. - Interesting videos exist about removing drug addictions ( - If you have been consulting psychologists ( and psychiatrists ( for years, without much change, try EFT. E.g. find a psychologist who uses EFT, there are several in our area. - "Tapping" can be more powerful than talk-therapy, because of the direct effect on the subconscious. (As e.g. Bruce Lipton has pointed to.) EFT is also uniquely effective for quickly minimizing depression and aggression in many cases.

Will EFT always work? The key-word here is "TRY IT!" - then you will find out. Takes minutes, and you can do-it-yourself...

"Trauma Tapping" worldwide

From Peaceful Heart ( website: “It is still considered difficult or impossible to heal the traumas of war (or natural disasters)... But for us working with Energy Psychology and different Tapping protocols, in conflict and post-conflict areas as well as with returning soldiers, know that it is very possible to heal war traumas. Keep spreading the word."

Tapping as a group is especially powerful.

In our group (300+ members) we tap together, pooling our resources & ideas, to quickly enhance peak performance ( & memory, lose weight (, build greater confidence and self-esteem, as well as to relieve aches & pains (, stress & traumas & PTSD (, fears & phobias (, panic attacks, speaking fear (, anger & rage, overpowering grief ( & emotional distress, get rid of addictions ( EFT can have an amazing healing effect on serious diseases, e.g. chronic fatigue (, IBS, ME.

EFT's motto is "try it on everything".

Use EFT to find your keys, to help your pets, to improve your job search, to learn quicker, to feel better, to optimize job interviews & school test results, to maximize your family's self-improvement. --- EFT has been combined with NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, & Hypnosis as Faster-EFT = FEFT. Also, EFT can enhance meditation, laughter yoga, Hoonoponopono (, and many other energy methods.

Pain Reduction Videos

Back Pain: Releasing Back Pain Fast - click here ( --- Headache: How to Get Rid of a Headache FAST via Faster EFT - click here ( --- Cancer Pain: Cancer patients are asking where did the pain go? - click here ( --- Knee pain: How I tapped away my knee pain with FasterEFT! - click here ( --- How Fibromyalgia was created by PTSD. The story of Tiffany who is now free from chronic pain - click here (

Remember to feel strongly

Note: just tapping is not enough. Here are some requirements: 1. feel the feeling/pain (as strongly as you can), 2. then tap (while you concentrate on either the feeling, or your fingertips) - like you would tap a melody on a tabletop. No need to say anything. 3. If minimal change, try this: A. be persistent, B. contact a practitioner, C. tap with others, as a group, D. increase the intensity (e.g. scream & shout while tapping) . - Why does it work? Theory 1 = distracting of sensations influencing the amygdala; Theory 2 = release of blocked energy in body meridians. Note: each tapping point represents the endpoint of a chi meridian.

How can I learn EFT?

First, check our website - go here: , for free handouts and manuals, and demo videos.
Next, for new-beginners it is best to get a couple of hands-on demonstrations, at our meetings. Otherwise it can be really hard to understand how powerful EFT is, compared to most other methods. - Bring a problem that you have not been able to get rid of. The last 1/2 hour we divide into small groups, and tap for participant-issues.

Click here for detailed location info ( --- Click here for Google map (,+TX+77381).

Don't miss this simple but fantastic tool!

Free group, no cost, since 2004. Joined Meetup in 2014, and on Facebook ( Handouts & DVDs available at meetings. We demonstrate EFT for other groups, e.g. in Spring, Conroe, Magnolia, Tomball, Houston. Sometimes we have speakers. Watch videos at our website, . -- NOTE: use all information responsibly, remember that usage of EFT tapping is voluntary & at your own risk. -- Find a free online EFT course at . Find typical case stories with 90% success rate at . (

Come & learn more & have fun!

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