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Collaborative development

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** Lightning Talk Sam Cutroni, Director, Data Tools **

Sam will be talking about how team-based development works at Australian software company, DataTools.

The Speaker

Sam Cutroni has 20+ years experience in developing leading data quality solutions and software.

Sam was at the forefront of Windows software development in Australia, which meant he was often invited to present at Windows software developer groups as well as being asked to consult on a number of new software development strategies for companies such as Lowes Manhattan Pty Ltd and Shop-a-Docket Australia.

Version Control & Good Citizenship

What has version control got to do with good citizenship? How does this relate to code? How is your company culture and release policy reflected in your version control choices?

Join Tess in discussing how branching techniques can affect code conflicts and see what can happen when clever tools get too big for their boots!

The Speaker

Tess is a polyglot developer and an advocate of agile principles. She spends her days writing, refactoring, reviewing, discussing and documenting code.

Quality Team Based Development

In today’s environment it’s more important than ever to be able to move fast and rapidly respond to both internal and external business requirements. In this talk Sean and Chris discuss some of the techniques and processes they use to allow changes to be shipped to production early and often without sacrificing on quality.

Some of the topics that will be discussed include:

• Why team based development matters and what benefits it brings over a more solo development style

• Kanban and #noestimates

• Planning releases based on business value

• Baking quality into code through automated testing

• Continuous integration and delivery with GIT + TeamCity + Octopus Deploy

• The future of collaborative software development

The Speakers

Sean Hunter (@mr_sean_hunter) and Chris Winfield are part of the senior development team of PCA Predict.

Sean is a software developer with a passion for learning and sharing what he knows with the community. He recently moved to sunny Worcester after 6 years of web development in Melbourne Australia. Sean now works in a team of developers at PCA Predict following a Kanban Style development workflow.

Chris is the head of development at PCA Predict where he leads the team who are behind the core address validation technology. Chris a firm believer in working in a Lean, Agile (#NoEstimates) environment, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and using DevOps tools to deliver business value on a daily basis.

Waterside, Basin Road · Worcester