Web Components 101 and IoT & Home Automation

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Talk 1 - Web Components 101 (What, why and how)

We’ve always had the concept of components on the web. Historically they’ve taken a number of different shapes and sizes. Vendors have attempted to create component models in the past with the likes of Flash, Silverlight, Java applets, and any number of vendor-specific plugins for server-side frameworks such as http://ASP.NET Web Forms. These previous approaches to component based web development have met with varying degrees of success. In a lot of ways systems like Flash made it very easy to create sandboxed plugins that could be created once and dropped into any number of sites.

Finally web components have been made a standard part of the web with the Web Component Specifications (http://webcomponents.org/). In this talk we’ll go through the what, why, and how of Web Components, demonstrating how to build up a new component from scratch using the following specifications:

· HTML Imports

· Templates

· The Shadow DOM

· Custom Elements

Length: 30 minutes

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Speaker: Sean Hunter

Sean is a software developer with a passion for learning and sharing what he knows with the community. He recently moved to sunny Worcester after 6 years of web development in Melbourne Australia. Sean now works in a team of developers at PCA Predict following a Kanban Style development workflow.

Talk 2- IoT + Home Automation

Who doesn’t want a house you can talk to? See how you can use the new Amazon Echo to control home devices. The session will include a live demo and examples of building something to 'pimp' the beer taps in here at PCA HQ.

Speaker: Jamie Turner

Length: 30 mins

Jamie Turner is the CEO and co-founder of PCA Predict.