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WordPress Hosting & Backups

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Let's get together and discuss WordPress hosting and backups. This meetup will be less about presentation and more about discussion. If you want to share a few slides during the meetup, bring them on a thumb drive and we'll project them. Anyone is welcome to present.

Everyone has a WordPress hosting story. We all have preferred vendors we work with. Many oversell their services, which can severely impact how your site performs. There are new solutions for backing up WordPress that suck up everything--from your entire directory to your mysql database. Let's discuss our experiences with different hosting companies and learn what our options are.

We'll answer questions like:

How expensive should hosting be? Why choose VPS over Shared hosting? What is CPanel? What is Plesk? Who do we think is good and who do we think is horrific? What about security? What are permissions? Why do I need to know them? What is php.ini and why do I need to know this? How do I backup my WordPress, move it, or reinstall it? Are there plugins that handle backups? Or, do I have to subscribe to one of these new services? Shouldn't my host be backing up snapshots of my site and database? It is critically important to understand backing up both your WordPress directory and your mySQL database. If you're hosting your own WordPress web site (I refuse to say "blog" anymore, because WordPress is now a full on CMS), it's your responsibility to keep your site intact, every day. You've gone from blogger to webmaster. Time to upgrade your skill set and get to know the tools.