• WordPress Meetups : How to build a community on Scratch

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    After the phenomenal success of the 2nd rendition of WordCamp a WordPress meet up is to take place focusing on “How to build a community on Scratch”. WordCamp Karachi organizers would be hosting this event to help you understand the building blocks of a community, it’s significant and its impact. This meet up is based on empowering the beginners who are interested in building a community promoting their own ideas and initiatives through divergent collaborations. Communities built right present you with abundance of competitive advantage, business growth opportunities, empowered customers and trusted relationships. A strong and engaged community leads to improved products, learning and innovation, as well as company growth. To explain each process and to give a step by step guide upon how to build a community from scratch, we present you with honorable speakers USMAN KHALID and WASEEM ABBAS. These individuals got a ton of experience in the field and have been working and are founders with some flourishing communities. We are currently accepting participant from any back ground as developers, content writers, designers for the first meet up of the year in Karachi. So everyone, feel free to reach out and become the part of Word Camp community