Building SaaS Product for WordPress/WooCommerce

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This WordPress Meetup is designed to help Entrepreneur, Tech and Business TeamLeads who wants to create SaaS solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce.

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As plugin and themes market is getting more and more competitive, companies are exploring SaaS landscape, because it enables them rapidly test new features, more control over codebase and less risk in copyright infringements, we will discuss how to find, launch, and grow Saas product, from idea to initial customer base.

This will be a useful discussion to be a part of, for both technical as well as business people alike.

The format of the Meetup is designed to impart useful information and engage the audience in a productive discussion.

Format (tentative):

12:00 pm to 12:50 pm: Building SaaS Product for WordPress/WooCommerce
Speaker: Kashif Qamar, Founder
12:50 pm to 1:15 pm: QnA
1:15pm to 1:45pm: NetWorking