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First WordPress Meetup Ljubljana

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Primož C.


WordPress users and developers rejoice!

We are having the very first WordPress meetup in Slovenia. The main goal of it will be that all the local WordPress users/developers/bloggers/fans meet for the first time, see who's who and what everyone does.

The plan is that we gather a group of maybe 3-6 people who will take over the organization of the future events - meetups and eventually also WordCamp Ljubljana. But also to check out how popular the WordPress is locally and to put some ideas on the table how the next meetups will look like, where they will take place etc.

We do not want that to be strictly dev-related group, the WordPress is a lot more than that. So anyone with any idea is warmly welcome on Thursday, Jan 9 at offices of Zemanta at Celovška 32, Ljubljana.

Here is a rough plan how we imagine the evening to look like:

• intro speech
• Mateja Verlič - WordCamp London
• Primož Cigler - recap of the google hangout of the WordCamp organizers (happening just some hours before:
• introduction of the participants & round table - I won't say this is 100% obligatory, but it is very desirable. Prepare yourself to tell in 2-3 minutes what you do, why you attended that meetup, what you expect from that group and what you can offer. No fancy slides or anything, just quick introduction.
• planning the next meetup - when, where and how will it look like?
• free beer & party!

The event will be in Slovene.

Hope to see you around!

Have questions? Ping me on Twitter (@primozcigler) or send the email if you are shy (primoz at

Thank you for helping me Mateja Verlič, Samo Bračić, Andraž Tori, Jure Čuhalev, Žan Keglič and others!

Special thanks to Zemanta ( who offered their super cozy rooms to crash over!

Celovška 32 · Ljubljana
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