December 2015 Meetup - The Calypso Edition

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Lets see if I can explain this to people who aren't 100% emerged into WordPress folklore.

So WordPress itself is a platform that is used to make it easy for people to publish on the web. The software is available for people to download free of charge and use as they wish.

There is also a company founded by one of the co-creators of WordPress called Automattic ( notice the two t's ) and Automattic owns and operates ( this is who employees our speaker for the evening, Alex ). So is basically a specialized hosting platform for the WordPress software in its most basic form.

The steams do cross though. The founder of Automattic is named Matt Mullenweg. Matt announced early this week a project called Calypso. Calypso in itself is already very impressive. I'm speaking in theories here because I am waiting to be educated by Alex myself, and I don't own a Mac.

Remember in previous months how we've been talking about how WordPress 4.4 was going to have an API baked in? Well already had an API and that was also extended to self installs via the JetPack plugin.

Automattic spent the past 18 months creating a new interface for based on that API. Think of it like using FB or Twitter from an app on your phone vs logging in with your web browser. The experiences are completely different. Because of that lots of things can be re-imagined, changed and updated for 2015 and beyond.

We mostly discuss self installs of WordPress, so why would be so interested in a project designed for the hosted version of Well to be blunt... Matt believes in giving back in a big way. You can already use Calypso on your self hosted version with the JetPack plugin... but Matt/Automattic also released all of the source code for Calypso. Which means he basically gave an 18 month head start to the entire world on making a client that work directly with the WordPress 4.4 API, which I have zero doubts will be in the works shortly.

Now, to wrap all of this up... Our very own Alex Gustafson who works for Automattic will give us the low down on Calypso from his perspective.

We'll also continue discussing WordPress 4.4 which is scheduled to ALSO be released on December 8th, 2015.

Hope EVERYONE can make it.

Lets break an attendance record.

PS -- Looking for a meeting sponsor so we can do pizza at this meeting as well. If your organization would like to help, email me at [masked]