SEO: Getting All Green in Yoast


Are you using Yoast to its full potential? Join us as we create a fully-optimized page of a WordPress site. The group and I will collectively write content and design a page that will light up Yoast with 100% green lights. This is one of the simplest ways to ensure your on-page content is in top-top shape. Nearly all of the pages on all the websites I design have 100% green lights, and now I’m going to share how I do it with you!

Closing his first website sale in 7th grade, Chad Lewine has been professionally designing websites for over 15 years. He began as a youngster, tinkering in MS-DOS, playing computer games and customizing web pages in the AOL days. After graduating from Art Institute of Pittsburgh in Web Design and Interactive Media, Lewine moved to Brooklyn in 2011 for an SEO job at an agency. He began freelancing full-time shortly after. Now, Chad has expanded his company CDL500 into a fully blown agency and is at the helm of designing and marketing modern, high-ranking websites for local and national clients.

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