WordPress Norwich Meetup - January 2019


A chance for anyone interested in making and using WordPress to meet like-minded people for some informal and friendly discussion.


1) Refreshments and informal chat/networking

2) Continue chat while we help anyone who is interested to join the online WordPress community (WordPress.org, slack channels etc.).

3) Opening remarks and WordPress news

4) ## Discussion: "Plugins Unplugged" ##

We start the year by taking on a very broad topic - WordPress plugins. This might well inform future discussion topics because plugins indicate the different ways we can use WordPress. Some questions to ponder for the discussion:

- Do you have any favourite or 'must-install' plugins for your WP sites?
- What is the GPL and how does it relate to WP plugins?
- Useful utility plugins (e.g. for checking site health, migrating the database etc.).
- Themes vs plugins - what should be the role of each?
- Security and GDPR issues with plugins - what to look out for.
- Using a plugin versus adding custom code.

Bringing a laptop or tablet to this meetup is optional. If you do, you can share online resources, make notes and test things out.

This meetup is kindly sponsored by digital and brand marketing agency, Creative Sponge (creativesponge.co.uk). I am looking for additional sponsors so please let me know if your company is interested.